Desire Pearl Resort Puerto Morelos

Romantic Dinners at Desire Pearl Puerto Morelos

Romantic Dinner on the Beach
Celebrate your anniversary, birthday or any special occasion with a romantic dinner for two right on the beach! This is an excellent treat for you and your mate during your visit to Desire Pearl. Right there in the white sands, surrounded by palm tree and just feet from the ocean, you can enjoy your favorite meal and drinks, individually catered to by your own waiter.

Ocean Palapa Experience
Enjoy a unique experience with three other couples right out in the middle of the ocean. Out at the end of the pier, under the Palapa, your enticing dinner will be served to you. What an experience being totally surrounded by the ocean and looking back towards the resort, you will dine and laugh with your new best friends! Top quality service is delivered by your own personal waiter. (Because of the distance and special needs, must be four couples)

Romantic Gazebo Dinner for 2
Enjoy the most private, delicious and erotic dinner at our unique gazebo where you will be accompanied by the sounds of ocean waves, the moonlight and the sea breeze, the perfect setting to let your passion run wild. As the natural backdrop, the quiet Caribbean Sea will heighten your senses and you will be seduced by every moment.

Wine Cellar Paring Experience
Wine connoisseurs will be delighted with this choice of fine dinning at Desire Pearl. The Master Chef at the Pearl will personally create a extraordinary cuisine designed completely paired with the wine of your choice from the wine cellar and you will enjoy your meal right there in the wine cellar, surrounded by every kind of wine available to the resort. Because of the limited size of the room, the Wine Cellar Pairing is limited to three couples.

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