Desire Pearl Resort Puerto Morelos

Jade Sushi and Martini Lounge

Experience a high-class outside social experience with the Jade Martini Lounge. Socialize with friends, new and old, while enjoying top shelf alcoholic beverage and fresh Sushi platters. A high end experience, a romantic experience and by all means a social experience. You will be surprised what might happen when you start your evening at the Jade Sushi Lounge.

With an ideal mix of refreshing flavors and intense sensations, Agave awaits you and your partner. At Agave you will find a variety of cocktails that along with a casual and sensual atmosphere, will delight your senses. This unique, romantic hot spot at Desire Pearl Puerto Morelos is located just above Aphrodite with an incredible ocean view, providing an intimate yet mystical atmosphere for a night of sensual sushi and martinis with your partner.

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