Desire Pearl Resort Puerto Morelos

Obsession Nightclub and Sin Room

The Obsession comes alive after dinner, and after the evening entertainment in the lobby area. Now it's time to get the night club going, load it with amazing fun couples, ready to enjoy fun games and contests presented by the entertainment staff, then roll into drinking, dancing and socializing on into the wee hours of the night. Beautiful decor, amazing lighting and full time DJ break open your evening and ensure your enjoyment.

At the Obsession Nightclub, when night comes, Obsession awaits with the formula to make your most forbidden fantasies come to life. Desire Pearl Puerto Morelos features Obsession, a unique disco where you can enjoy the most sensual rhythms of the Mexican Caribbean, the DJ's music, as well as enticing atmosphere. Prepare your body for a night filled with passion at our clothing optional resort and surrender to all what Obsession will bring to your night. Make it your addiction every night, only here you and your partner will find the perfect scene to let your imagination fly so that your dreams can feel as real as your passion and your most forbidden fantasies. Every night, the most pleasurable experiences await you only at Desire Pearl Puerto Morelos.

In the privacy of the couples only Sin Room, passion truly rules the night. This Play Room is exclusive for guests, because only guests know what happens these doors. The Sin Room is elegantly decorated with dark windows, lounge beds, adult videos, clean towels, everything required to respond to the heat created by the dancing and drinking of Obsession. Remember what happens in Obsession and the Sin Room... stays in Obsession and the Sin Room!

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