Desire Resort Riviera Maya

Sahlò at Desire Resort Riviera Maya

Designed with all your senses in mind, this is a venue that stimulates your eyes, soothes your ears, enlivens your tastebuds, pleases your nose and carresses your skin, making it a seductive spot for a pre-dinner drink. The perfect space for you and your companion to converse, sip a premium-liquor cocktail and meet with other guests.

The erotic atmosphere of Sahlò Cocktail Lounge is the perfect prelude for you to discover our unique culinary creations that will please your palate and senses while it adds more excitement to your vacation Desire Resort Riviera Maya.

This sophisticated, yet relaxing ambience will make you feel more loosen up and get you ready for the fascinating aphrodisiac specialties of the restaurant and get you in the best mood to continue enjoying what our couples only resort in Mexico has stored for you.

This bar is not a clothing optional area. It has a casual-elegant dress code and opens from 6:30 PM until 10:00 PM.

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