Desire Resort Riviera Maya

Tentazione Casual Dining at Desire Resort Riviera Maya

Located just beside the pool and facing the beach, Tentazione is the perfect place to enjoy a succulent buffet lunch while having the chance to see and be seen.

Just under a beautiful palapa, this casual restaurant offers you a great variety of sophisticated food, served buffet style. Ceviche, Cordon Bleus, as well as gourmet hotdogs and hamburgers are among the many dishes you may fon the buffet bar, There is even fresh salad that may be your choice in this inspiring spot.

The palapa is decorated with a fresh, tropical, yet sophisticated look. The walls and bar are made out of a dazzling chocolate-brown onyx stone, which along with the wooden tables, and the rattan-like chairs give freshness to the environment. All these incredible features perfectly frame Desire's astonishing beach.

This restaurant is an excellent option for those who don't want to miss anything or anybody in the pool or on the beach while having an exuberant lunch, or just a simple snack. After a snack, you can have a drink at the Tentazione bar, located beside the restaurant.

Tentazione is open everyday for lunch, no reservation is required. Room service is available during operating hours.

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